Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (previously Dynamics AX), part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications suite, is a powerful world-class ERP that is easily adaptable to all business requirements. It enables management and redesign of all business processes, integrating systematically all areas of the company and making processes more efficient. Its user-friendly interface facilitates real-time access to critical business information to make smart decisions faster.



Advanced Imports Management for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is a built-in solution that integrates seamlessly with other system modules. It offers quick, efficient and secure imports management, providing detailed and accurate shipments tracking at a logistic and financial level.

Dynamo developed this module to enable companies to optimize their logistics and financial imports processes and handle the information in a more integrated way.

It allows companies to manage their shipments in an integrated way with other processes, like purchasing, inventory, accounting, among others. 

Companies can precisely distribute imports expenses among imported items using different criteria such as weight, volume, and quantity.

By using this module, companies can increase their productivity and improve the controls over imports processes, provide accurate arrival dates to the entire organization, increase reliability and precision in goods costing and reduce administrative costs.



Dynaway’s Enterprise Asset Management.

With Dynaway’s EAM module for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the maintenance processes for machines, vehicles, equipment, installations, and buildings are optimized.

This built-in solution has been acquired by Microsoft and integrated  within Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It is completely integrated with other modules like Inventory, Production, Master Planning, Purchasing, General Ledger and Fixed Assets.

Dynaway offers a complete platform for mobile devices, not part of standard D365F&O, allowing technicians to have relevant information on the field, and maintenance supervisors to assign work orders to technicians from their mobile device.

SANA’s E-Commerce.

SANA’s e-commerce solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. The online store supplied by SANA has 40+ out of the box points of integrations including customers, products, pricing, discounts, sales orders, logistic information, etc. The solution is suitable for B2B and B2C scenarios.


Dynamics Latam Localization.

With the Latam Localization module, the ERP meets the standards of the fiscal, tributary, accounting and legal requirements of Latin-American countries, allowing companies to operate there with no regulatory issues.

This module is compatible with regulations from Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

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