A Trustworthy, Expert Microsoft Partner for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Iclos is a pharmaceutical company, established in Uruguay, now part of the German-owned pharmaceutical group, Megalabs, which has subsidiaries throughout Latin America.   Iclos has a strong focus on biotechnology, specialising in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of highly complex diseases. 

As such, the business requires a very robust ERP solution to manage vast quantities of sensitive materials and data; implement strong processes and controls for manufacturing, supply, and distribution; as well as comply with strict legal and regulations requirements. 

Dynamo has worked with Iclos for over a decade, supporting their ERP requirements since 2011 and demonstrating the sort of flexibility and partnership mentality that Dynamo is well known for.  

Initially Dynamo was hired to provide local maintenance support for Dynamics AX 4.0 taking over from another Microsoft partner. As is Dynamo’s approach, regardless of the project brief, Dynamo visited the pharmaceutical labs and spent time with senior management and users to fully understand their business and to see how they could properly help support Iclos improve business performance and growth.

As the relationship developed, Dynamo started to help improve the efficiency of the system, including removing poorly implemented legacy integrations that were causing issues for the business and among users. In 2015, Dynamo implemented a wholly new solution – AX 2012, the latest Microsoft ERP solution at that time – and has subsequently migrated and evolved the solution and added new functionalities and modules to better support the Iclos business ever since.

The relationship over the years typifies the way that Dynamo works with its Clients, changing the level and nature of support as required – sometimes lower key in maintenance mode, or being ‘on-call’ to support as and when needed; and at other times, providing a dedicated Team of consultants and engineers working full-time to design and implement a system, or integrate a variety of modules, functionalities, and systems to suit a particular business need. Importantly, acting as an extension of the client’s workforce, focused on supporting the Client’s business goals. 

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