Privacy Policy

YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US and we at Dynamo take the protection of personal information very seriously! Below we outline how we handle the information you share with us.

1. Only DYNAMO, the owner of this website, can collect and process information that contains personal data of users who have given their

2. All personal data provided by users of this site are exclusively handled by DYNAMO as detailed in the Privacy Policy, and in full compliance with the Uruguayan laws of Personal Data Protection Act 18,331, 664/008 of December 22, 2008 and 414/009 of August 31, 2009, as well as other
relevant and concordant provisions.

3. The use of personal data is for DYNAMO’s sole purpose and in accordance with user consent and shall not be transferred to third parties.

4. Personal data may be stored in DYNAMO’s servers in Uruguay or in other countries with the appropriate data protection system.

5. The Privacy Policy only applies when users directly enter DYNAMO’s website. The same result may not be guaranteed in the event users access the website by being redirected from other sites.

6. The company’s practices in force with regard to the services rendered are detailed in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, DYNAMO, at its own discretion, may decide to alter the Privacy Policy.

7. DYNAMO has implemented all the security measures required to prevent third parties from accessing data. This includes physical security measures and restricted access to employees or sub-contractors who need data access for work-related purposes, all of whom shall be subject to confidentiality clauses and professional secrecy.

8. We at DYNAMO are committed to making every effort in protecting our website users’ personal data. This is exclusive of contractual obligations that are undertaken by third parties or in the event of a Court order.

9. DYNAMO is responsible for the Contacts/Clients’ database, and in order to exercise, amend or suppress their rights of access, users may visit the company’s offices or send an email to

Likewise, they may submit complaints or suggestions they consider appropriate by the same means of communication.