Dynamics 365

Implementation Services

Dynamo provides end-to-end implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. From project initiation right through to training, we aim to take the hard work and stress out of your hands to implement a robust solution that delivers value for your business.

A Business and People Centric Approach

Our ERP implementation methodology has been refined from implementing 100+ ERP projects. We know that the best implementation process recognises the importance of having a technology solution that aligns with your organisation’s business processes, organisational structure, people and capabilities.

We start from understanding our Clients’ businesses and an acknowledgement that implementing an ERP solution is not just about implementing technology. The project is a business project with business goals that requires an appropriate technological solution. We also know that an organisation’s people and existing ways of working will determine the overall success – or failure - of any implementation. Dynamo’s implementation methodology therefore balances implementation technical tasks with process- and people-centric activities.

Additionally, we manage our projects based on best practices and proven project methodologies (prescribed by the Project Management Institute) and our team is committed to providing the best outcomes for processes optimisation, through the implementation of ERP.

Flexible Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

We offer flexible implementation services to Clients according to their requirements and internal resources. This may mean full implementation, based on a design and build, managed by Dynamo; or we will support a Client driven solution and team with specific implementation requests – either technical or know-how.

Dynamo typically works with Clients in two ways:

  • Projects Managed by Dynamo
  • Projects Managed by our Clients

Projects Managed by Dynamo

Here we advise, design, and set the course of the Project, providing the necessary knowledge, tools and methodology that will most benefit our Client. We advise and collaborate when defining the scope of the project, so that the objectives of the solution are ideally aligned with those of the business and be optimally relevant for our Client’s requirements.

Dynamo can provide the required team for the planning, development, and execution of the project, considering our Client’s available internal resources. Typically, we will participate with a multidisciplinary team of experts, including a Project Manager, Solution Architect, Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants and Developers, all of them experts in Dynamics 365.

Corporate Roll outs: We also run implementation projects for large corporates to support a roll-out in subsidiaries of previously designed and built in-house solutions. Here we work in close collaboration with HQ to ensure a satisfactory and successful implementation of the solution for all parties. We have substantial experience with such Projects, across both regions and different business subsidiaries.

Training: As part of an implementation Project, we will ensure that users are trained to ensure that our Clients starts to enjoy the maximum benefits of the solution from the first day the solution goes live. Dynamo aims to ensure that users have both the knowledge about what the solution can achieve and be fully trained in using it. Our consultants work closely with every Client to assess training needs and propose a training plan tailored to suit the specific customer scenario. Our staff is trained to train and has taught thousands of hours in different projects and to a wide range of clients.

Projects Managed by Our Clients

Where a Client has the expertise and resources to lead their own project, we will happily participate in the project to a lesser extent, providing the necessary support as and when our Client requires.

This typically includes consulting services, specific problem solving, and customized developments for integrating into the system. We can also provide outsourcing of specialist Dynamics 365 consultants to work alongside the company's internal team should this be required.

We will support with any required training for new functionalities or updates, as required, and bridge any expertise and knowledge gaps should there be any key personnel or user changes.

What is important is that we will work in a way that suits each of our Clients and is best for running their business.

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