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Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Dynamo. We aim to implement the best solution for our Clients’ business needs, provide outstanding service, train users to use the system to its maximum potential, and work with our Clients in the way they prefer – as well as offer flexible pricing options. For these reasons, most of our Clients do value our service and have stayed with us for many years.

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“Of course I would recommend Dynamo. They have truly become a commercial partner for Ricoh, understanding our needs, our business, and our transformation to a digital services company. I think they are an excellent Partner and have a lot of experience, including within the Microsoft ecosystem."

Esteban Ureña

Senior IT Manager at Ricoh


“What Dynamo offers is a service that allows us to implement at our pace. They are able to front the right person when we need to speak to them. They've taken the time to understand our business and what we want to achieve. I like to look at Dynamo as an extension of my internal project team….. In my 20 years of implementing ERP platforms, this is the first company that I feel comfortable giving a testimony for"

Matthew Arnott

ERP Product Lead for END.


Iclos is a pharmaceutical company, part of the German-owned pharmaceutical group, Megalabs. iclos has a strong focus on biotechnology, specialising in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of highly complex diseases. Dynamo has worked with Iclos for over a decade, supporting all their ERP and business process and system requirements since 2011.


“Dynamo knows Quantik’s business: they know our concerns; what a client means to us; what concluding a contract means; and what having the information in the system to accomplish our promises means too. If I had to say what differentiates Dynamo from the rest, it’s the closeness, the service and the trust that has built up over the years of a successful partnership.”

Rafael Staricco

CEO of Quantik


“Today our company is close to 50% larger than when we first adopted our ERP solution, and yet with Dynamo’s help, we’ve managed to maintain a similar cost structure for running it. We’ve always had a great relationship with Dynamo and they’ve been especially good at understanding all of our business needs, including financial requirements. ”

Martin Voulminot

CEO of Roman

Dynamo has helped Megalabs over the years to evolve and transform their systems to the latest Microsoft ERP solution, including migrations from their on-premises solution to the cloud with Dynamics 365.


A Pharmaceutical Group with operations in 18 countries across Latin America, including 17 production plants, 8,000+ employees and over 1,800+ products.

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