Dedicated Support through the ERP Journey

Dynamo has supported Megalabs since 2010, helping to design, implement and support their corporate ERP solution across their business units and geographies to meet their business requirements.

This includes the design and implementation of the required processes, systems, and relevant 3rd party modules to assist the specific needs of production plants, distribution centres and commercial companies within the group, whilst ensuring the overall corporate ERP solution delivers the required financial and operational information to best run the business.

Dynamo has helped Megalabs over the years to evolve and transform their systems to the latest Microsoft ERP solution, including migrations from their on-premises solution to the cloud with Dynamics 365.

In line with Dynamo’s philosophy of working in close partnership with its customers, Dynamo has a dedicated, specialized team working full-time for Megalabs. They work alongside the internal Team to fully support Megalabs ongoing evolving requirements.

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