ERP for Pharmaceutical

Managing Complexity and Compliance

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex and challenging industries; regulation, compliance and traceability are additional overlays to the manufacturing, distribution and marketing requirements. At the heart of every successful company will be a modern ERP solution delivering timely critical information and facilitating operations, business and customer management.


A Core Focus

Since establishing in 2008, Dynamo has worked continuously to support our Clients in the Pharmaceutical industry. It is a core sector focus in which we consistently invest to better support the variety of requirements.

Substantial Experience

We have implemented and supported many Microsoft ERP solutions for pharmaceutical companies against a variety of specific requirements. Whatever your need, we can tailor the right solution for you.


Our dedicated pharmaceutical consultants have considerable Pharma-ERP expertise, enabling them to to help companies fast track relevant and meaningful solutions that can impact our Clients’ businesses immediately.

Deep and Broad Knowledge of Industry Requirements

Our knowledge covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry: production, quality, commercial, distribution, maintenance, plus specific requirements such as batch management, traceability, document management and security. We know the needs of the industry, and how to best support our Clients.


I-clos is a global pharmaceutical company, part of the German-owned pharmaceutical group, Megalabs. i-clos has a strong focus on biotechnology, specialising in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of highly complex diseases. Dynamo has worked with i-clos for over a decade, supporting all their ERP and business process and system requirements since 2011.



25+ Completed Projects