ERP for Retail

Optimized functionalities for profitability

One of the biggest challenges in the Retail Industry is to ensure that a unified shopping and payment experience can be offered through all channels. A flexible, integrated ERP and e-commerce solution, will ensure that all such requirements are easily possible.


B2B and B2C Experience

Whether B2B or B2C requirements, we have implemented numerous Microsoft ERP solutions for retail activities against a variety of specific requirements.

Expertise with e-commerce Integration

Dynamo has integrated numerous e-commerce platforms with ERP solutions to leverage the power of a fully digitized sales environment.

Deep Functionality Knowledge

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations modules provide an integrated solution for front and back office (POS), issue of invoices, inventory management, planning, discounts scheme, offers, loyalty programs and e-commerce, amongst other critical information and data management requirements. We know what functionalities can be applied to best suit this sector to make a difference to the business.

Driven by KPIs

In a sector where the finest of margins matter, our Clients can be assured that we implement TCO metrics, KPIs and benchmarking to meet your requirements.

Matthew from END
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“They have taken the time to understand our business, they evidently understand the solution, and they are able to web those two together to bring sensible and pragmatic solutions”

Matthew Arnott

ERP Product Lead for END.

Years of Experience

Europe & LatAm Projects

B2B & B2C

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