ERP Today Awards Finalist

Dynamo was shortlisted as a finalist for the ERP Today Awards, under the category of “Customer Hero”.

ERP Today Awards 2022

The ERP Today Awards are the awards in the United Kingdom that recognises excellence across the ERP industry. This year, the awards consisted of 10 different categories, one of them being the “Customer Hero Award”.

The Customer Hero Award recognises the organisations that demonstrate the deepest commitment to customer value and collaboration. We are proud to be one of the six finalists for this category.

Being Customer Heroes

We would like to congratulate our team for being true customer heroes, always going the extra mile and doing what it takes to add value to clients’ businesses. Read our client success stories here.

A Microsoft Partner in the UK committed to Client Success.

Dynamo Global is a trusted, endorsed, Microsoft Partner committed to Client Success. It specialises in the design, implementation, and support of Dynamics 365 solutions, helping our clients be better informed, more agile, and more efficient.

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