Microsoft Dynamics and eCommerce Solutions for Retailers

Microsoft Dynamics and eCommerce Solutions for Retailers

The increasing importance of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is driving retailers to explore innovative solutions that enable them to unify and personalize the shopping experience and deliver a frictionless and consistent engagement across all channels.

Customers want an effortless and beneficial experience, plus one they feel in control of from beginning to end – from researching the product, price, and quality, to purchasing the brand that offers the most personalized, and convenient service.

To achieve this, businesses must count on a commerce solution that delivers personalised, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels. Ideally, it should also be a solution which seamlessly integrates with operations, inventory and finance and CRM to enable the company to deliver to customer requirements efficiently and effectively.

What is the best eCommerce solution for MS Dynamics ERP?

There are many commerce systems that can be integrated with Dynamics AX and 365, such as SANA Commerce, or Magento.

SANA Commerce

Sana Commerce is a scalable eCommerce solution certified for integration with on-premises and cloud-hosted Dynamics ERP systems. Unlike interfaced e-commerce solutions, it allows a flawless flow of information between the front-end, back-end and the ERP, creating a single source of truth for all the data.  All your inventory information is stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. This data contains important business logic that relies on current inventory availability, inventory location, and projection of future inventory levels based on planned production and/or purchase orders.


Magento is an eCommerce platform widely adopted by B2C retailers. It provides an intuitive tool for businesses to manage their marketing and sales information, as well as their user experiences and product data. Contrary to SANA Commerce, Magento does not offer a direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics, as it was built as a stand-alone system. However, it can be integrated with Dynamics 365 using a connector to pull the information from the ERP into the webstore (an option which may lead to extra costs).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

For an eCommerce solution that further enhances the functionalities of your existing Dynamics 365 platform, and will most seamlessly integrate with all your business processes, Dynamics 365 Commerce is the ideal eCommerce platform.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a cloud-based commerce solution available inside Dynamics 365, that can help retailers to deliver personalised, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is natively integrated with Microsoft’s business applications and ERP systems, such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, providing a set of interconnected business processes that users can immediately benefit from. All back-office capabilities across these systems are built on the same web experience and data stores. This enables a seamless flow of business processes across various functions in the organisation, and custom integrations across systems and services aren’t required as with alternative commerce options.

Do you need help with integrating an eCommerce solution with your Microsoft Dynamics system?

Whatever your company has determined is the best solution for your specific business needs, we can help deliver a seamless integration with your Dynamics platform. We have the expertise and experience of implementing the main eCommerce options and integrating them with Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365 systems to enable you to deliver the optimal service to your external customers, and internal users. Contact us today for a friendly discussion on how we can help you.

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