Microsoft Launches Stand-Alone D365 Warehouse Management

Microsoft has recently announced a separate WMS only module from the D365 F&O platform.

This will be available as a stand-alone option to those who don’t require the full D365 F&O platform. It will enable Clients to maximize the efficiencies of their warehouses by tapping into the core warehouse management (WMS) functionality that Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O offers. 

This is a significant offering for retailers and manufacturers, helping to design and manage everything to do with warehouse management. It includes improving the management of merchandise intake, storage, inventory, picking, and packing, along with seamless integration with automated packaging systems, all the way to efficient product shipment processes, without neglecting the challenges posed by returns. The D365 WMS module can help unlock a multitude of benefits, including cost and waste reduction, improved sales fulfilment, and directly lead to increased profit margins.

The best part? Regardless of the ERP or ordering systems you currently have in place, you can swiftly implement and integrate this advanced WMS functionality without setting up or maintaining other areas of the D365 Supply Chain Management that you don’t need.

Learn more about the power of the D365 F&O Warehouse Management Only Mode by clicking here:

Warehouse management only mode overview – Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn

Or contact us for a demo and learn how we can help you implement the module for your business and for greater business efficiencies. 

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