2023: A Year of Milestones and Growth 

As we conclude 2023, it’s time to reflect on the significant milestones that have defined Dynamo’s journey this year. Here are the key highlights that showcase our commitment to excellence and businesses success. 

1. Milestone Achievement: 100 Strong and Growing! 

In 2023, Dynamo reached the milestone of 100 team members, reflecting our steady growth and expertise in the ERP consulting field. This achievement underscores the collective dedication that each member brings to the Dynamo family. 

2. Celebrating 15 Years of Dynamo Excellence 

This year marks Dynamo’s 15th anniversary, a testament to our enduring presence and impact in the ERP consulting landscape. We celebrate not just the passage of another year but a decade and a half of delivering innovative solutions to the organizations that choose to work with Dynamo. Here´s to 15 more! 

3. Global Expansion: Welcoming ME+EM to the Dynamo Family 

Dynamo expanded its global reach by getting ME+EM as a client in the United Kingdom. This strategic move signifies Dynamo’s ability to connect and collaborate with businesses worldwide, bringing effective solutions to the heart of their operations. 

4. 7 Go-Lives: Celebrating Business Success 

Throughout the year, Dynamo has numerous successful go-lives with the businesses we support. These milestones symbolize more than just project completions; they embody the impact we’ve had on these organization´s operations, helping them achieve new heights of efficiency and success. Each go-live is a shared victory and a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Congratulations to Comprando en Grupo, END Clothing, IMS, Román, Ricoh and Megalabs! 

5. New thriving partnerships: Making waves in the UK 

In 2023, Dynamo proudly initiated strategic partnerships with companies in the United Kingdom.  These alliances are significant to Dynamo and they´ve proven to be of huge value to the company. We look forward to fostering them in the future. 

Join Dynamo as we anticipate another year of growth, collaboration, and transformative partnerships.

Here´s to a 2024 full of great opportunities! 

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