Dynamo Earns “Great Place to Work”  Certification!

We’re very pleased to share the news that Dynamo has officially been certified as a “Great Place to Work”! This certification is provided by global company “Great Place to Work”, and it’s particularly special because it reflects the sentiments and experiences shared by our incredible team members. And there are no better judges of such an award for a company than its people. 

Dynamo’s recent certification as a Great Place to Work is not just a celebration for our team but holds special significance for our valued clients too. We believe that a positive and supportive work environment is the foundation for delivering outstanding services. When our team members are happy and fulfilled, their dedication and excellence naturally extend to the quality of work we provide to our clients. This certification reflects our genuine commitment to creating a workplace culture that prioritises both employee well-being and client success. 

Remarkably, every single employee, standing at 100%, expresses genuine satisfaction with their time here at Dynamo. Additionally, 100% of Dynamo’s employees feel that everyone is treated equally, regardless of their gender, religion, race or sexuality

Patricia Pizzinat, Dynamo’s Chief People Officer says “It’s really great to hear that people really enjoy working here, and that really stands out for me given the high calibre of the people working at Dynamo. Moreover, is very reassuring to learn that they trust the management team and perceive fairness in treatment.”  

We look forward to continuing this journey together, nurturing a workplace that not only empowers our team but also enhances the positive impact we make for our clients. 

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