Dynamo: Nurturing Talent, Fostering Inclusion, Making a Difference 

At Dynamo, we believe a company’s success is not just measured by its products or services, but also by the strength of its workplace culture and the well-being of its employees. Our People and Culture (P&C) department is at the heart of this belief, dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and inspired to grow both personally and professionally. People are not just defined by their jobs or roles, that’s why at Dynamo we believe in supporting people holistically. 

Dynamo-Global is a company of over 100 people who choose to be here for multiple reasons.  

Professional Growth and Training 

In fostering professional growth and development, we prioritize a multifaceted approach aimed at empowering our team members to reach their full potential. At the heart of this commitment lies our dedication to providing comprehensive support in various ways. 

Our approach to professional growth prioritises essential pillars: technical training, academic support, and certifications. We support ongoing Microsoft learning and certifications, which not only invests in our people, but helps ensure that we as a company stay at the forefront of learning and expertise in our industry. We also encourage and support continued professional learning and qualifications in all our departments, including supporting those completing university degrees. Additionally, our in-house English Academy supplements these initiatives, offering language training, as well as facilitating valuable cross-cultural enrichment across our global Team. Together, these efforts foster a culture of continuous learning and development, ensuring our team members thrive both personally and professionally. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion 

At Dynamo, diversity isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a fundamental aspect of who we are. With team members hailing from over 13 different countries, we celebrate our differences and actively promote interactive team projects, and extra-curricular activities to foster a sense of belonging for all.  

Our commitment to equality is reflected in our team, with 47.9% women and a significant presence of diverse voices in C-level positions. Out of 6 C-level roles, 4 are occupied by women; and 37% of our technical experts are female – and rising! 

We understand that supporting our employees goes beyond the workplace: we don’t hire just workers, we hire people. That’s why we offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate personal and family responsibilities, ensuring that everyone can achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

As for maternity and paternity leave, we make sure each parent gets the extra work flexibility they might need when welcoming a new member to their family, so that they can slowly adjust to a new rhythm of life. We are fully committed to supporting our team members in every chapter of their lives. 

Dynamo recently took part in the Great Place to Work certification, and 100% of the employees agree that:  

  • People are treated with equity regardless of their sexual orientation. 
  • People are treated with equity regardless of their gender. 
  • Managers conduct work in an honest and ethical manner. 
  • I receive fair treatment, regardless of my position within the organization. 
  • When I deem it necessary, I can take time off from work for personal matters. 
  • People enjoy coming to work here. 

Mental health and wellness 

We are fully committed to mental health and fostering a healthy workplace for our team. This is how the idea of our organic garden at our HQ was born. Beyond its role as a garden, it serves as a nexus for fostering connection – both with each other and nature – on a daily basis. By doing this, we not only strengthen our sense of community but also underscore our commitment with nature and the environment. 

Laura Gonzalez, Recruiting and People Development Coordinator said: “Having an organic garden was an idea the team had to take advantage of our green surroundings. We immediately got to work and contacted “Huerta en Casa” a local project that helped setting up the garden. They provide guidance throughout the harvesting process and help us with maintenance. Not only do we get fresh greens right on our plates every day, but also learn how to grow them at home which is fantastic!” 


Making a positive impact in our community is a core value at Dynamo. We proudly sponsor the Cienarte Foundation, which enriches the lives of children and teenagers through art and science. We conduct donation campaigns for clothing and equipment to support nonprofit organizations as well.  Dynamo aims to have an impact on its community both inside and outside the office and has been proudly doing so for some time now! Still, what makes us particularly proud is the commitment our team members have towards these kinds of projects.  

We encourage our employees to propose support for different causes, big or small, that can benefit from our help. This year we chose to help animal rescue organizations by collecting different kinds of plastic objects, which are donated to them so that they can sell them and build houses for the dogs and cats that are under their care, waiting for a new family. 

Work-Life Balance 

We understand that our employees are more than just their roles at work. That’s why we prioritize work-life balance by offering flexibility for personal matters and remote work options. In many different cases Dynamo has allowed paid leave time for lots of people from the team, understanding the importance of multiple events in people´s lives. 

Patricia Pizzinat, Chief People Officer said: “Dynamo hires professionals from all around the world, we carefully revise the work scheme to make sure it suits every person’s needs. We consider their preferences when it comes to working hours and provide days off on their local public holidays for them to enjoy with their beloved ones.” 

At Dynamo, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the boardroom—it’s woven into the fabric of our company culture. Through our People and Culture initiatives, we’re creating a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, grow, and make a meaningful impact.  

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