Effective Communications

There is no doubt that in every aspect of life, either with your colleagues or with your clients, communication is a key mainstay to make a relationship work.

Without good communication misunderstandings happen, unnecessary discussions are generated, expectations are not fulfilled, valuable time is lost trying to understand something that is not clear and the compliance of projects and activities become at risk of not being executed within time, scope and budget. And now, the effectiveness in the way we communicate is challenged more than ever.

All this is especially valid for ERP partners.

Clients have the right to demand from their ERP partner smooth, continuous, and precise communications.

Implementing an ERP could be a giant investment for many, and clients deserve to know precisely how the implementation process works, in which stage of the process they are and which exactly are the next steps to follow. If a company does not receive responses on time from their partner, or for long periods of time there’s no clue of what is going on, it’s time to act.

At Dynamo we are committed to making Effective Communications with clients a key aspect of our “ERP in a Different Way” approach, with the aim of achieving an excellent customer experience.  And for this purpose, we train our team in the necessary skills, we constantly improve our methodology, and always make the most of lessons learnt from previous experiences. Let’s continue fostering good communication practices in these moments of uncertainty and anxiety! 

Have you experienced communication problems with your partners?

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