Introducing Our Experts in Microsoft Dynamics

When it comes to delivering Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and service support, we are the experts.

Dynamo Global is a Microsoft Partner focused on delivering successful Microsoft ERP solutions for our Clients. For 15 years, our 50+ specialists have helped us deliver and support more than 100 implementations, across 3 continents, and over 20 countries.

Our experts are your experts, so whether implementing a new solution, or providing remote outsourced IT services, our Teams are there to support your business priorities.

Meet Our Experts

Logistics Team

Dynamics 365 experts logistics tem

This team focuses on the core supply chain and landed costs modules and functionalities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

“Currently our team is working on several ERP implementations and version migrations across Latin America and Europe.

We’ve recently started an exciting project with a UK client which involves implementing D365 F&O for sales and distribution within Europe, including integration with a 3PL distribution centre. An important part of this is expanding the ERP platform with new modules and functionalities to improve the efficiency, speed and reporting of their inventory management.

In all our projects, we aim to identify our Client’s needs with precision to build a tailored solution that meets all of their requirements, utilising our knowledge of Dynamics 365, the market sector, the Client’s business model and objectives, plus our expertise.

We must accommodate not just for day-to-day requirements, but also for the unusual things that may crop up. In this way we can ensure a truly smooth and robust ERP system because a robust system is one that can cope with irregularities. As such, we often start by brainstorming with the Client all types of scenarios and cases they may encounter.

Adapting ourselves to the different business scenarios as fast as possible and working honestly and transparently with our clients is what I’m most proud of the Team for. In this way, we typically develop an excellent relationship and become true business partners.”

Federico Deveras, Functional Consultant & Team Leader.

Finance Team

Dynamics 365 Finance Team

Working closely with the clients in all stages of the project, the Finance Functional Consultants Team is in charge of implementing the finance and accounting modules of MS Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ERP and providing additional support after go live.

“Our team is currently involved in many projects for companies across Latin America and the United Kingdom. In the UK, for example, we are supporting a retail company to enhance their Dynamics 365 solution by configuring different finance modules. One of the most important requirements is to learn and understand our Client’s business needs at a granular level so that we can build solutions that can cope with all eventualities that occur.

Right now, we are implementing a D365 Finance and Operations solution for a company based in Argentina. This solution is seamlessly integrated with their sales platform, and uses a Localization module from a 3rd party, which we have to understand and implement in a very short time.

Understanding the totality of their business, and other systems, within the timeframe is quite challenging, but it’s the sort of challenge we like as we’re constantly learning and providing solutions that we’re proud to see working well.

From the beginning of every project, we aim to build a good relationship with our clients founded on trust so that we can work as effectively and efficiently together to achieve the objectives.

Sometimes we not only help to implement solutions, but because we are closely examining work processes, we can sometimes advise on improving those processes to make regular working practices easier and more efficient.

Something I really like about Dynamo is the amazing work environment and sharing the same passion and positive attitude with my colleagues.”

Melina Bidmar, Functional Consultant & Team Leader

Operations Team

The Operations Team provides consulting on the following subjects: Manufacturing, Quality Control, Warehouse Management, Transport, Master Planning (MRP), Projects, Support services, Maintenance, Technical services.

“We’re currently working on a variety of Client projects around the world. This past 2 years has required many businesses to upgrade their systems and processes to improve efficiencies – something we have a lot of expertise in. We’re now planning a major implementation of D365 F&O across 14 countries simultaneously for one of our Clients which is really exciting.

One of the reasons I enjoy working for Dynamo is our absolute focus on the Clients’ needs. We act as part of their Team and have an honest interest to understand their needs and objectives – and find the best way to help them.

I am very grateful for being part of this great team”

Diego Zinola, Functional Consultant & Team Leader

Operations and Project Management Office Team

The OPMO team is in charge of managing a range of diverse projects, both first-time ERP implementation projects and roll-outs for clients who already have a Dynamics solution in place.

“Our team is currently working on a variety of challenging projects, such as the implementation of a Dynamics 365 F&O corporate solution for a multinational company, to be deployed in 14 Latin America countries. It has required us to design a single solution that standardises processes across the organisation, but is flexible enough to respond to the specific requirements of each country. We are also running a migration project from AX2012 to D365 for a Telecoms company, and in the UK we are providing support and consultancy services for an international retail company who are implementing D365. On top of all that, we are implementing some newly-released, innovative solutions, such as Sales Insights and Customer Insights, for a few multinational companies.

“It is crucial for us to build a close relationship with our clients, as we work as a single team with their in-house specialists. We’re focused on providing the best solutions to clients’ needs, helping them understand how to take advantage of the benefits a Microsoft Dynamics solution can bring to their business.”

Verónica Trujillo, OPMO Manager

Development and Technology Team 

The Development and Technology Team designs and develops functionalities within Dynamics 365 F&O and integrates Dynamics 365 with other systems and platforms to support Clients’ needs.  

“We accompany our Clients through their digital transformation, helping them to maximise the potential of the platform through integrations and tailored customisations.  

Our main objective is to help our Clients to use the ERP system in the way they require. We are always listening to them, understanding their business scenarios, and developing new functionalities to improve their system. 

Recently, we helped a UK Client implement D365 F&O in their sales and distribution centre in Europe, including the integration of the system with their 3PL. During the design phase of the project, we worked closely with the Client to quickly identify all the developments and integrations needed to use the system optimally.  

We also help ensure our Clients have connected and updated systems to ensure business performance is effective and optimised. For example, integrating D365 F&O with Sales, WMS, 3PL or CRM – whatever our Clients require to make their organisation as connected and effective as possible.  

Building trust relationships with our Clients is part of Dynamo’s DNA.  

We recently implemented D365 F&O for a telecoms Client which required many complex integrations between the ERP and the Client’s sales platform. This Client had had a previous unsuccessful attempt to implement D365 and doubted the system’s capability of handling the vast numbers of transactions the company undertook. We spent time to win their trust and demonstrate that the system could not only handle all their requirements, but the business benefits they could realise. Working with Dynamo provided them with the confidence needed to carry out the implementation project, and they are now in the final phase and looking forward to utilising their new ERP system soon. 

At Dynamo, we place our Clients at the centre of our business and give our full commitment to ensuring we optimise their systems to help deliver real business benefits. Our team is always training to ensure we keep up-to-date with the latest functionalities, and how we can offer the best solutions to our Clients.  

Personally, I like the fact that each day is different. We are constantly learning, improving, and working on different projects all around the world. Our working environment is great as we all share the same goals and values of commitment and mutual support. I really enjoy working with my team”.  

Matías Quagliotti, Development and Technology Manager

BI & Data Analytics Team 

The Business Intelligence and Data Analytics team specialises in designing and implementing customized solutions for enterprise data models, with a focus on scalability, performance, data security, and governance.

 “Our goal is to transform the way our clients use and understand their data, enabling more informed and effective decision-making.  

Dynamo Global offers expert support for clients seeking to digitally transform their business systems, and as they do, we guide them in adopting appropriate tools like Power BI to support their strategic business decisions. As such, we work on a truly diverse range of projects, including developing models and reports in Power BI.

All members of our team are business professionals , including engineers and accountants. 

One of our Clients recently migrated from AX to D365 F&O which means their data is now hosted in the cloud. With this change in their data source, we were able to utilise Power BI to assist them in enhanced business analysis and reporting.

For another Client, we’ve created dashboards for real-time operational insights, from optimizing data management in platforms like Data Warehouse to establishing Datalakes, utilizing Microsoft technologies like Datafactory and Synapse.

We have also implemented customer data platform (CDP) solutions like Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This tool allows us to centralise and analyse customer profiles, integrating data from multiple silos to generate valuable insights.

What truly drives us is collaborating closely with our Clients to find the most suitable and cutting edge solutions for their needs – to improve analysis and reporting and aid business decisions. Most of all, we are driven to deliver a service that surpasses expectations.”

Mariana Qualiotti, BI & Data Analytics Leader

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